2 months on..

It has been over two months since I came back from camp and I think about the people there and the connections I made everyday (many of who I am still in contact with - God bless Whatsapp!). The misery but also the resilience of the people I met has driven me to do more … Continue reading 2 months on..


Towards the end..

I sit here, on the sofa of my Airbnb, on my last night in Thessaloniki and as I write this I think about what a humbling experience the last 3 weeks have been. I'll probably know more when I get home (Dubai of all places!) but I do feel enriched, and soulfully fed as a … Continue reading Towards the end..

Sick days

Friday was supposed to be women's underwear distribution (Intervolve received a kind donation of 10,000 pieces from a well-known brand) but both myself and another volunteer fell ill and spent the whole day in bed. Never before had I felt so fortunate to have a bed and a TV and a bathroom so close by … Continue reading Sick days